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Whether your looking for an upright granite head stone, flat bronze marker, cemetery memorial bench or options on designs, we can help you to create the perfect lasting memorial to honor your loved one. Having a place to spend time after a loss, a dedicated place where you can find comfort that will have special meaning to those left behind. You can be assured that we will have the gravesite appropriately marked and dedicated. Unveiling services are available as well.

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Memorial and Monuments Options

Ground Memorialization:

Ground burial, the most traditional burial choice, allows for outdoor visitation and typically has a memorial tribute in the form of a bronze marker or granite monument. If needed, new monuments can be matched to ones existing headstones.

Above-Ground Memorialization:

Mausoleums provide the prestige and serenity of above-ground burial, with a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to visit your loved ones, regardless of the weather.

Memorial Benches are often placed in your loved one’s favorite place. Granite benches are a popular alternative to a traditional monument.

Cremation Memorialization:

Many people who choose cremation overlook the importance of permanent memorialization, but a permanent site gives your loved ones and future generations a physical place for visitation and reflection.

Headstone and Grave Marker Styles 

Single Bronze Marker

Beautifully crafted bronze is mounted on a granite base and placed on the gravesite of a single person. Many cemeteries require cast bronze plaques to be an everlasting tribute to your dearly departed. Customization possibilities are endless with borders, emblems, and styles available. Hebrew and other languages are also available.

Double Bronze Marker

A double bronze marker is placed on the gravesite of two people and is beautifully crafted and mounted on a granite base. Many different styles, borders and emblems are available. Space is left on the monument for the addition a second scroll, when it becomes needed for the second person. We can design and affix the second scroll to any existing monument at the appropriate time.

Single Granite Headstone

This gravestone, which has an upright granite tablet mounted on a base, provides a tribute and testament to the life of the person. Upright memorial monuments can be crafted in any shape, color and size, depending on the plot size and cemetery restrictions. Your loved ones’ heritage, hobbies, and special relationships can provide the inspiration for an individualized memorial design. New monuments can be matched to ones already existing, if required.

Inscription on existing granite monuments is also available. Additional monuments can be matched to existing ones, if needed.

Double Granite Headstone

This headstone, consisting of an upright granite tablet mounted on a base, is used to memorialize two people. General family information is inscribed, with information for the first person created when the monument is first crafted. There is space for the second inscription, which can be done at the time it is appropriate. We also can do any inscription on any existing monument.

Inscription on existing granite monuments is also available. Additional monuments can be matched to existing ones, if required.


Some families choose to build private above-ground mausoleums. You can select an individual, companion, or family mausoleum. The design options are endless as you can add accessories, laser etchings, and other items to your design.

Inscriptions on existing mausoleums is also available. New mausoleums can be matched to existing ones, if required.

Memorial Bench

We feature many styles of benches, some with space for inscriptions. We work with families to determine the appropriate bench, which adheres to each cemetery’s regulations.

While many families choose to place a memorial bench in the cemetery, you may also choose to donate a bench to a local group or facility in honor of your loved one. Benches are also a popular option for civic memorials.

Granite Footstones

These flat granite grave markers are used widely, especially where style and cemetery rules call for them. They are available in many styles and various heights, including flat, slanted, and raised. Footstones markers are available in single and double forms.

Civic, Public, and Military Granite Monument Memorials

We also create monument work outside of cemeteries for civic, public, military and governmental organizations. We can design, inscribe, or install monuments in many different settings.

Our expert staff will help coordinate with the necessary agencies and organizations to complete your memorial. Best of all, your memorial will be impeccable designed to your specifications to be a source of pride and inspiration for generations to come.

Headstone Etching & Engraving

A popular memorial option is to have a scene or image etched into a headstone or monument design. These custom features are popular with families in Bethlehem, Allentown and the rest of the Lehigh Valley, in part due to the expertise of our craftsman and creativity of our designers. Cantelmi Long Funeral Home specializes in designing cemetery memorials and grave markers that incorporate etched scenes and images. Families choose to use etched scenes and images in the design of a headstone because of the special meaning they have and convey. Hand and laser etching are two ways we add detailed images onto granite memorials.

Hand etching captures the greatest details of our loved ones. A hand etched memorial allows for unlimited options to memorialize the life and journey through life of an individual. The memorial can depict the portrait, personal interest, religious images and life’s accomplishments.

Etching is the process of making microscopic engravings into granite by hand. A hand etcher uses led tips to remove the polish from the stone some tips are heavier or lighter depending on the contrast or brightness they are going for. Some instances we will use what is called an Impact etcher which has a diamond tip and taps the stone to remove the polish.

As the popularity of black granite continues to grow, etchings on monuments have also become commonplace. Our funeral home in Bethlehem has become well known for the high quality of our etchings.

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